The Middlesex County Multiple Listing System

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About MCMLS________

Since 1948, the Middlesex County Multiple Listing System (MCMLS) has been serving the real estate needs of Brokers and their Agents in Middlesex County and the surrounding areas, and more recently, Appraisers. From the start, the mission of the MCMLS has been to promote greater cooperation among members, who as agents of the seller or buyer facilitate the purchase or sale of real estate. When MCMLS was initially established, the objective was to provide homeowners with the broadest possible market exposure and to be a central source of information on properties for sale in Middlesex County. As our membership has grown from the original 35 charter members, so have the services of MCMLS, which currently provides listing information to more than 5,500 agents, but its mission remains the same.

Services available to members include: Maintaining the MCMLS listing database and web site; providing training classes; overseeing the proper filing of required data; administering and issuing electronic lock boxes and keys; recording, analyzing and tracking key data; providing forms; and coordinating with area Realtor associations.

The Middlesex County MLS uses the latest technology. MCMLS had an early start in technology when in August of 1980 it changed from a printed information system to an on-line listing and sales information system. We were the first multiple listing system in New Jersey to implement the highly innovative MLXchange system which provides our membership with fast, reliable access to listing and customer data from any computer with an Internet connection. Members and agents can use MLX Professional, the optional web-based sales and marketing software, to create their own web pages, track leads and utilize the new client relation management tools. To operate key boxes at properties, agents select from either a SUPRA® hand-held computer or Display key, both of which serve as an electronic lock box ˝key˝.

Board of Directors: The affairs of the organization are conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of 5 Officers, 8 elected Directors and the two immediate Past Presidents. Officers and Directors are elected to two-year positions at the Stockholders Meetings held in October of each year.

Consumers, real estate professionals and Middlesex County MLS members are welcome to visit the MCMLS web site often to review town profiles and obtain other helpful information.

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